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  • RSNA Scan 

    The All-New RSNA Scan

  • RSNA Scan: Year in Review - Get Your Copy While Supplies Last!

    Stay on the cusp of advances in radiology and immerse yourself in the finest in science and education with the RSNA Scan - Year in Review - a collection of education pieces.  The RSNA Scan includes a cross-section of quality offerings from RSNA, including plenary sessions, award-winning education exhibits & abstracts from the RSNA Annual Meeting, the most viewed RadioGraphics and Radiology articles, and the most misdiagnosed Cases of the Day.  The RSNA Scan combines all of this high-quality content on a universal, easy-to-use USB credit card device in an attractive case. The handy USB format allows you to take your RSNA Scan experience with you anywhere, anytime – simply plug your RSNA Scan into a USB-enabled device and start browsing the hottest content from RSNA.   Very reasonably priced for the amount of educational content each RSNA Scan contains.

    For more information on the RSNA Scan please contact the RSNA Education Center at ed-ctr@rsna.org.

    • Click here to Scan the 2013 content
    • Click here to Scan the 2012-2013 Two Year Collection content