• RadioGraphics User Guide

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    Basic Search  

    In the Search bar in the upper right hand corner of the RadioGraphics type one or more words—for example, "hepatic radiofrequency ablation"—that relate to articles you're looking for.

    1. Click Go. Your results will appear on your screen, and you can then click on articles to read them.


    Advanced Search    

    1. Click “Advanced Search” under the Basic Search bar to refine your results to include articles from specific dates, authors, keywords and more.
    2. Click “Submit” to search or “Clear” to clear certain fields.


    Finding Past Issues  

    1. Click the “PAST ISSUES” link in the upper left corner of the RadioGraphics homepage.
    2. Click on the issue of your choice. You can explore issues dating back to 1981.


    Using the Table of Contents 

    Click on any issue to view a comprehensive table of contents. Sections include: Science to Practice, Reviews and Commentary, Perspectives, Reviews, Original Research, Experimental Studies and more. You'll also find articles listed by subspecialty.

    1. Scroll down to view the articles. Each entry has a few lines of "preview" text, and gives you options of how you'd like to view that article—abstract, full text, full text PDF, and figures only. Click “Full Text (PDF)” to print the article.


    Articles by Subspecialty  

    Each table of contents includes icons that indicate applicable subspecialties. Click on these articles for content relevant to your field.

    1. You can also customize your e-mail alerts to receive articles that are must-reads in your areas of interest each month. Sign up for Email Alerts.


    Signing-up for RSS Feeds  

    Go to RadioGraphics RSS Feeds  and click on the RSS buttons to download feeds of current and published ahead of print articles, or limit to topics related to an article.

    1. Click “Subscribe to this feed.” Plus, get Abstract RSS Feeds delivered to your Kindle. Receive abstracts from the current and published ahead of print issues monthly from Radiology and bi-monthly from RadioGraphics.


    Signing-up for E-mail Alerts  

    Click “Add / Edit / Delete” on the Email Alerts page to opt in for emails detailing new RadioGraphics table of contents, future table of contents, published ahead of print articles, subspecialty content, and cite track alerts.

    1. Change your current alert settings by clicking "Manage Your Alerts."

    Using Image Zoom  

    1. Click "In this page" link within the image to view a larger version of the image. To view the larger image in a new window, click "In a new window."
    2. Click "Download the image to a PowerPoint slide" to automatically open Microsoft PowerPoint on your computer. The selected image will appear as its own slide with a full citation to the related article.


    Sharing articles  

    1. Click "Email this article to a friend” under Services on the right navigation menu.
    2. Click “Social Bookmarking” in the right navigation or the icons below the article to share journal articles on myRSNA or your favorite social networking website.

    Searching for similar articles 

    Click “Services” and then “Similar articles in this journal” or “Similar articles in PubMed.”

    1. The most relevant results will be displayed automatically.


    Using Hotlight™ Search  

    To search for articles related to a specific keyword within an article, highlight the word or phrase with your mouse. A yellow lightbulb icon will appear to the right of the highlighted selection.

    1. Click on the lightbulb to initiate your search. Watch a Hotlight video tutorial.