• RSNA/APDR Resident Learning Portfolio

  • RSNA, in conjunction with the APDR, has created a web-based resource for residents to track their goals, accomplishments, and progress during the course of their educational development. The RSNA Resident Learning Portfolio was also designed to assist residents in meeting criteria of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).

    Enter the Resident Learning Portfolio

    You can also access items stored in your Portfolio via the myPortfolio tab in myRSNA.

    As now required by the ACGME, myPortfolio enables residents and their program administrators to document their training activities and development in a centralized location, available to view at any time.

    In April 2010, the RSNA Resident Learning Portfolio was migrated to a secure sever in order to better comply with HIPPA standards. It now provides myPortfolio administrators and residents with a higher level of security for the documents they upload. It's also accessible within myRSNA, via the myPortfolio tab. Improvements to the Portfolio are frequent and ongoing, so please check back for new developments.

    For Administrators

    To register your institution for the RSNA/APDR Resident Learning Portfolio, please send your email request to residents_portfolio@rsna.org. All eligible non-member administrators will have an RSNA customer number assigned to them upon registering. If you have already registered for the Resident Learning Portfolio and are in need of your username and password, please contact us at residents_portfolio@rsna.org or call (800) 381-6660 x 7838.

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    For Residents

    If you have been instructed by a program administrator that a portfolio has been set up in your name, please login using your RSNA member number and password. If you are not an RSNA member, a customer number has been assigned to provide access to the site. If you do not know your current login information, please contact the RSNA Membership Department at (877) RSNA-MEM or e-mail membership@rsna.org.

    1 Pdf Icon User's Manual - Administrators

    If at any time you have questions on the portfolio, please contact us via residents_portfolio@rsna.org or call (800) 381-6660 x7838.

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