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  • 2015 Floorplan

    RSNA will be utilizing the South Building, Hall A, and North Building, Hall B, during RSNA 2015. In each exhibit hall, you will find Anchor Exhibitors located in their pre-assigned zone, along with inline & freeform booth opportunities. 

    The RSNA History Point System is used as a guide when booths are assigned. Competitor proximity, booth sizes, hall preferences and display configurations are other factors during the assignment process. 

    Keep the point system in mind as you indicate floor location preferences on your application. Preferences are extended in priority point order; we encourage companies to request locations in multiple areas in both exhibit halls to maximize your space assignment opportunity.

    Exhibit Space confirmations will be mailed on or about June 23rd.

    RSNA 2015 Floor Plan
    South Building, Hall A »
    North Building, Hall B »

    Booth numbers are as follows,

    1000-5999 - South Building, Hall A
    6000-8599 - North Building, Hall B