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    • At RSNA 2013, radiologists, radiation oncologists, and medical imaging professionals from around the world will convene and discuss the latest in radiologic innovations. The many refresher courses, scientific sessions, honored lectures, and education exhibits are available for continuing medical education. Courses and events run Saturday, November 30 – Friday, December 6.

      How can I register?
      The easiest way is at RSNA.org/register, where you can view the full learning objective and CME content codes for each course. Otherwise, you may mail or fax registration forms and course enrollment forms. Note: Attendance at each session is limited to the room seating capacity. Internet enrollment occurs instantly, while faxed or mailed forms are processed in the order of receipt.

      What offerings require tickets?
      Refresher Courses, Workshops, Informatics Courses, Multisession Courses, Additional Fee Courses, select Special Courses, and SAMs require tickets.  The Tuesday Plenary Session at RSNA 2013, which will include a Special Lecture by Condoleezza Rice, PhD, is a ticketed event in 2013.

      Guarantee Your Seat!
      All ticketed courses must be confirmed prior to November 27 to guarantee a seat. RSNA ticketed courses fill up fast, so ensure you get the courses you need by enrolling at RSNA.org/register. There is no onsite course ticketing.  Registrants without tickets will be allowed entrance into a course after all ticketed registrants have been seated.

      What offerings do not require tickets?
      Plenary Sessions, Scientific Sessions, Special Interest Sessions, Controversy, Hot Topic Sessions, and select Special Courses do not require tickets.

      Are there any fees for individual course registration?
      Most offerings are included with meeting registration fees. The only exceptions are the two Special Session Additional Fee Offerings being held on Saturday, November 30.

      The following PDF documents are part of the Advance Registration, Housing, and Course Enrollment brochure. RSNA has organized the information in the course brochure and within online registration to help you complete your enrollment in just a few steps by offering both a weekly glance and detailed daily schedules.

      In the daily schedules, educational offerings are listed by time and type of offering. Find the courses you need, build your schedule and enroll quickly and easily online or complete the course enrollment form and submit via fax or mail.

      Reg Housing and Course Enrollment Brochure 
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    Discounted Dues: Eligible North American Countries 
    Costa Rica
    Dominican Republic
    El Salvador
    Netherlands Antilles
    St. Vincent & Grenadines
    Country    Country    Country 
    Afghanistan   Grenada   Pakistan
    Albania   Guatemala   Papua New Guinea
    Algeria   Guinea   Paraguay
    Angola   Guinea-Bissau   Peru
    Armenia   Guyana   Phillippines
    Azerbaijan   Haiti   Rwanda
    Bangladesh   Honduras   Samoa
    Belarus   India   Sao Tome & Principe
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    Benin   Iran   Serbia
    Bhutan   Iraq   Sierra Leone
    Bolivia   Jordan   Solomon Islands
    Bosnia & Herzegovina   Jamaica   Somalia
    Botswana   Kenya   South Africa
    Bulgaria   Kiribati   South Sudan
    Burkina Faso   Korea, Dem Rep (North)   Sri Lanka
    Burundi   Kosovo   St Lucia
    Cambodia   Kyrgyzstan   St Vincent & Grenadines
    Cameroon   Laos\Lao PDR   Sudan
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    Central African Republic   Liberia   Syria
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    China   Madagascar   Tanzania
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    Comoros   Maldives   Timor-Leste
    Congo, Dem. Rep.   Mali   Togo
    Congo, Republic of   Marshall Islands   Tonga
    Cote d'Ivoire   Mauritania   Tunisia
    Djibouti   Micronesia, Fed. Sts.   Turkmenistan
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    Domicican Republic   Mongolia   Uganda
    Ecuador   Montenegro   Ukraine
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    Eritrea   Myanmar   Vietnam
    Ethiopia   Namibia   West Bank & Gaza
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    Gambia, The   Nicaragua   Zambia
    Georgia   Niger   Zimbabwe
    Ghana   Nigeria    

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    Tier 1

    • Bed count: 1-400
    • Associate College: Community, Technical, Further Education (UK), Tribal College
    • Community Public Library (small scale): general reference public library, museum, non-profit administration office

    Tier 2

    • Bed count: 401-750
    • Baccalaureate College or University: Bachelor's is the highest degree offered
    • Master's College or University: Master's is the highest degree offered
    • Special Focus Institution: theological seminaries, Bible colleges, engineering, technological, business, management, art, music, design, law

    Tier 3

    • Bedcount: 751-1,000
    • Research University: high or very high research activity without affiliated medical school
    • Health Profession School: non-medical, but health focused

    Tier 4

    • Bed count: 1,001 +
    • Medical School: research universities with medical school, including medical centers

    Tier 5

    • Consortia: academic, medical libraries, affiliated hospitals, regional libraries and other networks
    • Corporate
    • Government Agency and Ministry
    • Hospital System
    • Private Practice
    • Research Institute: government and non-government health research
    • State or National Public Library
    • Professional Society: trade unions, industry trade association, lobbying organization